Play Together
Is this your first time at Play Together?
  - What is Play Together?
  - What are Stars?
  - What are Gems?
  - What are Sprout Points?
  - What is the Phone?
  - What is the Bag?

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  - What are Friends?
  - Who are Players Nearby?
  - What is Invite Friend?
  - How do you become Friends? (Friend Invitation)
  - I would like to delete a Friend from my Friend List.
  - I'd like to Block a player.

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Chat / Emotions
  - What is Chat?
  - How do I use Chat?
  - What are Emotions?
  - How do I use Emotions?

Game Party
  - What is a Game Party?
  - Where can I join a Game Party?
  - What are the rules for the games?
  - Can I play with friends?
  - What is the Ranking?

Home Party
  - What is a Home Party?
  - How can I host a Home Party?
  - How can I join a Home Party?

School Life
  - What do you do at the School?
  - Where is the School?
  - What are the School Classes?

  - What is Camping?
  - Where is the Camping Ground?
  - How do you do Quests?

  - What is Fishing?
  - Where can I purchase Fishing Rods?
  - How can I Fish?
  - How do you repair a Fishing Rod?
  - Where can I sell the Fish?
  - What is the Fish Book?

Cooking / Food
  - What is Cooking?
  - How can I Cook?
  - Where can I get the ingredients?
  - How can I eat food?
  - Can I purchase food?

Character Customization
  - What is Character Customization?
  - Where can I purchase Costumes?
  - How can I change Costumes/Appearances?

House Decoration
  - What is House Decoration?
  - Where can I purchase furniture?
  - How do I place furniture?
  - How many furniture items can I place in my house?
  - The Furniture disappeared after I've changed my house.

  - What is a Vehicle?
  - Where can I purchase a Vehicle?
  - How do I use my Vehicle?
  - Can I ride a Vehicle with other people?

  - What is a Desire?
  - Where can I check Desires?
  - How can I resolve Desires?
  - What is a Pet?
  - Where can I purchase pet products?
  - How can I level up my Pet?

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Pet Care
  - What is Pet Care?
  - How can I shorten the care time?
  - Which furniture can I use to take care of my pets?
  - How do I take care of my pets?

Pet Combination
  - What is pet combination?
  - How do I combine pets?
  - What are some pet combination exclusive features?

Season Pass
  - What is a Season Pass?
  - What can you get from a Season Pass?
  - When does a Season Pass end?
  - Can past Pass products be acquired again?

  - What is the Shop?

  - What is Recycling?
  - How can I acquire Sprout Points?
  - What can I purchase with Sprout Points?
  - I accidentally recycled items

What are messages?
  - What are messages?
  - How do I use this?
  - Is there a limit on how many messages I can send?
  - How can I view received messages?
  - How can I send a gift?
  - I can’t send a gift!

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  - What is travelling?
  - How do I travel?
  - I want to meet my friends abroad!
  - I want to return to my original region!
  - I cannot travel.

  - What is weather?
  - When does the Raincoat Girl appear?

Obby Race
  - What is Obby Race?
  - Where can I play?
  - What are the rules of the game?
  - Can I play with my friends?
  - The game is too hard.
  - What are rankings?

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Play TV
  - What is Play TV?
  - I want to apply to be a Play TV partner!

Tower of Infinity
  - What is Tower of Infinity?
  - Where can I play?
  - What are the rules of the game?
  - Can I play with my friends?
  - The game is too hard.
  - What are rankings?

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  - What is a Box?
  - Box Probability

Draw Rate
  - All
  - Sweet Dessert Draw
  - Duck Box
  - Festival Clown Draw
  - Warm Sunshine Draw
  - Lovely Bunny Draw

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